Migration and Sustainable Development in The Gambia

Diaspora Development Fund (DDF)

The MSDG Diaspora Development Fund (DDF) was piloted in 2020/21 under the ‘Gambia Diaspora Technical Support (GDTS)’ scheme. Total project grants of €74,890 (Euros) were provided to 10 MSDG Diaspora Fellows, who successfully generated a further €710,280 (Euros) through cash donations, technical expertise, and in-kind materials, supplies and resources. For every 1 Euro MSDG provided, the diaspora generated a further 9.4 Euros. This demonstrates the resourcefulness, commitment and productivity of the diaspora as development actors. Consequently, the pilot DDF scheme generated socioeconomic investment of €785,170 (Euros), being equivalent to about D50 million (Gambian Dalasis). The MSDG Diaspora Fellows were five women and five men, based in six countries, namely: Gambia, United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Six of the Fellows were resident in the diaspora and four were recent returnees to Gambia.

The purpose of the 2022/23 DDF programme is to use co-financing and technical support as practical means of stimulating, leveraging, expanding and enhancing different forms of Gambian diaspora contributions to national development. Building on the 10 Fellowships of the pilot project, the new DDF programme will provide a total of €275,000 (Euros) in cash co-finance, to 55 Gambian Diaspora Fellows.

To apply for the Diaspora Development Fund (DDF) Project Grant, download the guidelines and form.

GDS and GIEPA Consultation Event Agenda – 21 May 2023

MSDG Diaspora Fellows 2020-23

MSDG Diaspora Fellows 2020-21

MSDG Diaspora Development Fund (DDF) Briefing Notes and Application Guidelines

MSDG Diaspora Development Fund (DDF) Application Form – (PDF Fillable Form)

Deadline for Applications:        Midnight GMT, 22 June 2022

DDF Application Workshop:     Sunday, 22 May 2022, 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM GMT

See link to Zoom platform:       https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85074161429

DDF Launch Workshop:           Sunday, 8 May 2022, 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM GMT

See link to recording:              


Submit DDF Applications to:    ddf@gkpartners.co.uk

DDF Press Statement: https://gambiandiaspora.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/DDF-Press-Statement-28-Jul-2022-1.pdf