Migration and Sustainable Development in The Gambia

Diaspora Networks

A thematic approach is one of the most effective forms of engagement for diaspora-development. This is because the most productive members of the diaspora tend to concentrate on their areas of expertise or specialised interest, to make substantive inputs to their countries of origin or heritage. The MSDG Project undertook a research exercise and identified the typology of Gambian diaspora organisations as set out below.

To promote interaction, collaboration and co-working, non-political, non-partisan Gambian diaspora groups involved in development are invited to register their main organisational and contact details of this platform. The organisational and contact information will be available publicly, to encourage networking, communication, cooperation and even joint projects, between the different diaspora organisations based in different parts of the world.

The Gambian Diaspora Development Organisations (GDDOs) fall into the following main categories:

• Alumni and Professional Groups (APGs)

• Community Organisations (COs)

• Diaspora NGO or Social Enterprise

• Faith Groups (FGs)

• Home Town and District Associations (HTDAs)

• Other type of development organisation