Stake in the Nation Forum (Annual Event)

As part of the MSDG Project, on 23 September 2017, the President of The Gambia declared that a Stake in the Nation Forum (SNF) will be held annually in The Gambia. The Diaspora Policy and Strategy (2018-27) and the Gambia Diaspora Directorate (GDD) will be launched at the first SNF in December 2017. The SNF is a practical mechanism for diaspora engagement in policy development. It is also an innovation to improve general development policy and practice in the New Gambia. SNFs will include high level plenary sessions and thematic workshops. The forums will aim to bring together Gambians from diverse socio-economic and political backgrounds, and engage Gambian diaspora and migrants from different parts of the world, in substantive policy discourse. The proceedings and deliberations will focus on practicable ways of implementing policies and achieving different aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals and National Development Plan.

Programme – First Stake in the Nation Forum (SNF 1)

The draft programme will be published in November 2017.