Migration and Sustainable Development in The Gambia

Capacity Development (Training & Support)

The MSDG Project will deliver a portfolio of professional and technical training, coaching and mentoring schemes for government officials, diplomats and other Gambian professionals. The aim is to improve the understanding, skills  and capability of officials so that they can implement effective policies, and improve capacity for national institution-building.

The executive training workshops are designed for Permanent Secretaries and Directors, Managing Directors and Chief Executives, and senior officials from the diplomatic, civil society, commercial sectors. The training courses are accredited by the UK Certification Service for Continuing Professional Development (CPDUK). The schedule for the initial set of training workshops is as follows:

As part of the Capacity Development support, the MSDG Project will use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade (as pilots) to assess and map the mandates, structures, services, activities and personnel of Ministries. The map and assessment shall amongst other things: ascertain government actions and services to citizens, customers, and consumers; facilitate analysis of effectiveness, efficiency and fitness of purpose; provide objective framework for restructuring of Ministries and public bodies; introduce the framework of government as a guarantor of rights and deliverer of services to Citizen-Consumers. (The output of the exercise will have other uses such as being a template for annual Ministry and Departmental reports, and for content of websites).