Migration and Sustainable Development in The Gambia

Publications & Resources

Publications and resources generated by the Technical Cooperation Project or relevant to migration, diaspora and development in the Gambia, are uploaded here. Resources will be published in the form of Resource Papers (RP)
and Briefing Papers (BP)


MSDG Statement on Diaspora Voting to the National Assembly – 18 May 2021

ECRE Working Paper 12: EU-Gambia Cooperation on Migration – Dec 2020

Second Diaspora Finance Technical Roundtable (DFTR2) Report – Jun 2019

Second Stake in the nation Forum (SNF2) Report – Jun 2019

Gambia Citizens Budget 2019

Gambia Budget Speech 2019

Emergence of the Post-Colonial Gambian Diaspora – Dec 2018

Delivering and Demonstrating Migration Dividend – Nov 2018

Global Compact for Migration – Jul 2018

NDP Flagship and Priority Projects (Page 36 profiles the MSDG Project)

Gambia National Development Plan 2018 – 2021 (Chapter 3, page 106 identifies the third ‘critical enabler’ of development  as ‘Enhancing the role of the Gambian Diaspora in national development’; Pages 112-119 incorporates the Gambia Diaspora Strategy in the NDP; Pages 236-239 cover the situational analysis of ‘Diaspora in Development’; Annex 4A, identified 10 ‘flagships/priority projects’ and the third flagship/priority is the MSDG Project,)

Gambian Diaspora Strategy Pocketbook – Jan 2018

Gambian Diaspora Strategy – Jan 2018

Diaspora Policy Statement – Sep 2017

Overprincipled and underperforming: Why we need a practice-based Global Compact on Migration – Sep 2017


MSDG BP 1: Highlights of Presidential Diaspora Policy Speech – Sep 2017

MSDG BP 2: MSDG Project Summary – Sep 2017

MSDG BP 3: Defining the African Diaspora – Sep 2017

MSDG BP 4: Civil Society and Intergovernmental Stocktaking Meeting – 2-6 December 2017, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco-Mexico

MSDG BP 5: Stake in the Nation Forum – Jan 2018

MSDG BP 6 – MSDG2 Project Summary – Jan 2019

MSDG BP 7 – Context for Gambian Diaspora Voting – Jun 2019

MSDG BP 8a – Snapshot of Remittance Inflows to Gambia – 2010-2019

MSDG BP 9 – Overview of the Gambian Diaspora Population – Oct 2020

MSDG BP10 -Gambian Diaspora Constituencies – May 2021